Monday, January 7, 2008

7 January

Feeling a little unstable and shaky today -- especially after I was nearly knocked down on the stairs trying to get to the subway. Whatever, I whipped out my crutch and smacked the offending little whipper snapper with it and said "watch where you are going"

I felt old and tired, doing that, but whatever. I would challenge anyone to try the B train during rush hour from park slope to bryant park without a run in with someone. Hell, I couldn't even do that without being on crutches!

There are three things that fill me with dread every morning. The first is going down the subway stairs at the 7th Ave B/Q stop in Brooklyn, without incident, even at 6:30am. The second is navigating the Bryant Park Subway station, just generally speaking and then having to crutch my way along 40th street up the side of Bryant Park from 6th Ave to 5th Avenue. I swear, I've never felt more of a desire to kill the people that feed the pigeons along the side of the park on that one stretch. The nearer I get to 5th, the more, I step on pigeon shit and I'm convinced that one day, I will be shat on as I'm waiting for the light to crutch across 5th Avenue. The final thing that throws me over the edge is the revolving door at my building. I now have a true hatred for them. Crutches+Revolving Door= Disaster, especially when there is someone behind your or on the other side trying to get through. I had to throw my body weight behind me to stop the door from crushing me this afternoon. I HATE them. The dismount is particularly tricky and every time I feel like I should turn around and wait for my score card.

Also, I've never realized how much people spit in NYC. There is spit everywhere and on everything, what gives with that?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Enty One: Hello There

A bit of background, I recently had my MPFL replaced with donor tissue about 8 weeks ago at this point. I have searched online for information on the recovery process and what to expect, but the only thing I've been able to find are either medical journals, outdated information on (a fabulous site) and a site for people who have recently undergone total knee replacements (TKRs, apparently) I'm young for this kind of thing, so I thought maybe starting a blog would be beneficial to someone, somewhere when they are looking for info online. I wish I did it earlier, to be honest.

So, let's try this as testing, testing, testing, 123.